Cocoon #81 — © E. E. McCollum 2013

Ten years ago, I began making a series of images using a nylon body stocking. The stretchy fabric created a dreamy space around the bodies of the models when they pushed out against it from inside. We played many variations; one model in the cocoon, two models, smearing body paint or mud on the fabric to create texture, tearing the fabric so parts of the body were exposed. I called the project “Cocoon” and worked on it for about four years.

Throughout the time that I was creating the images, I thought of them as an exploration of the body…

© 2020 E. E. McCollum

A few miles north of Cheyenne, I turn off of I-25 and head east toward Nebraska; the second morning of a two-day drive from home in Santa Fe to the Badlands of South Dakota.

“No services for 78 miles.” The sign is battered as if in testament that I am entering a land not as forgiving as the suburbs and Starbucks along the interstate. It is meant as a caution, I know. Get gas! Stop for a drink! Find a bathroom! …

Somewhere north of Many Farms, AZ in the Navajo Nation, the earth began to lay out flat in front of the car as if it would never end. Used to DC traffic, it was oddly peaceful to be moving at 75 miles an hour with no one in front or behind me and only an occasional oncoming car. I wondered if I was back in the country where people waved to each other on the highway as they passed, what I had become used to when I lived in Kansas and traveled the back roads there. …

Lady Liberty — Women’s March DC — 2017

I didn’t see Lady Liberty right away. That’s not to say I didn’t see the real person standing in front of me at the Washington, DC Women’s March. Rather, the moment of recognition came later. One day a few weeks after it was shot, I opened the files of my work on the Mall in DC and suddenly this image caught my eye. I’d passed over it before, not feeling moved by it. But now the slightly bowed head of the woman in a foam Statue of Liberty crown, solemn against a background of other marchers, seemed important. I went…

E. E. McCollum

Photographer — film and digital — and writer, living in the American Southwest.

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